Rachael Bloom MFHT

Complementary, Holistic and Beauty Therapist

Market Deeping, Peterborough

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Ear Candle Treatment

Ear candling treatment is a deeply relaxing therapy using 'candles' which are actually hollow tubes made from natural cotton, beeswax, honey extract and herbs such as sage and camomile. These tubes contan a filter preventing debris such as ash entering the ear.

Laying on your side the ear candle is gently inserted into the ear entrance and the upper end furthest away from the ear is lit. The therapists will hold the candle throughout the treatment.

Once the candle has burnt down to the recommended area the candle will be gently removed and extinguished.

A lymphatic massage of the side of face and neck will be carrried out.

The treatment will then be repeated on the opposite side.

The treatment then concludes with you laying on your back and a full facial lymphatic drainage massage carried out.