Rachael Bloom MFHT

Complementary, Holistic and Beauty Therapist

Market Deeping, Peterborough

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Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is ideal for upper back pain, shoulder, face and neck tension and emotional or psychological stress and tension on the scalp areas which are common places for people to hold tension an​d stress in their body.

This treatment is especially beneficial for those working in offices, working with a lot of mental stress, driving jobs and working with children.

Indian Head massage combines Eastern and Western massage techniques to reduce upper body stress and knots, other benefits may include improvements in the condition of your hair, provide relief from headaches, eyestrain, mental fatigue and sinusitis to name but a few.

Carried out in a seated position this massage can be ideal for those who do not like the idea of removing lots of clothes and laying on a couch. Usually just your outer top is removed and bras can be kept on too which is good for some people as it feels less intrusive.

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